Friday, October 2, 2009

Get Extra Money From Your Blog

Do you like bogging?
Do you update your blog regularly?
Do you want more value from your blog?

If you say yes to the above three questions, then you must read this article. The first thing I want to explain is how you can get a lot of things in one activity, especially on blogging. The first and second question may common questions to bloggers, but the third question is more specific questions about what you want in addition besides writing, in this case is the extra money.

Paid to blog is one of them. You write about something in your blog, and then you get paid. This is a great way to get extra money.

Fun and easy. But do not get carried away with a lot of money first, though pleasant but paid to blog Not As Easy As It Seems. There are several things you must care about and it all depends on the blog that you may have. To get extra money, you still need capital. The Capital is your own blog. Important part of the blog is the page rank and traffic. To get more jobs, your blog must have good page rank and traffic, higher will be better. If you blog have a high page rank, search engine will be faster to find your page. For example wikipedia, this website is often there at the top of search engines.

The problem is how to get the Page rank and good traffic?
The answer is you must fill your blog with good and unique of content. Unique content will attract visitors, the page you automatically will be visited frequently.

After your blog has a page rank of adequate, you can already start your efforts to seek extra money through blogs. But even so, you also have to keep your page rank is stable and does not fall

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