Friday, October 2, 2009

Download Music From Internet

Everyone likes download music from the internet; even more often download the free instead of buying the original cassette or CD. Are you sure this is safe?

Some time ago I read one of musik article about the dangers of downloading random. As known to many people, download songs on the internet is one of copyright theft, because we took the song without paying. Apart from the moral issues such as theft, this free download can also lead to legal cases. As in 2003, several record labels led some customers of a website that provides download songs for free.

In addition to the above problems, there are still some things that can happen. Do you know if download on a particular site can make your computer to be hacked easily? In the same article described how your IP address passes and be broadcasted to millions of computers. Smart hackers can get into your computer and take your private information. Not to mention about sypware and viruses that could be added to your computer, and when you open the internet then you are sent an advertisment.

That only a few examples from any download on the internet are discussed in this article. There are many other threats that could have happened to your computer. So for your safety, you can download songs at legally online music stores that many circulating on the Internet. Price is also affordable, secure important.

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