Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enjoy Manhattan in The Belamar Hotel

Want to look for real entertainment? Manhattan is the right choice. This city located in California. But if you go into Manhattan, it would not be complete without visiting the beach. Manhattan Beach is the home of both beach and indoor volleyball, and surfing. Many tourists visit this place and accommodation becomes a necessity. Hotel in Manhattan Beach has a guaranteed quality of service, one of them is the Belamar hotel. With a strategic location, this hotel provides beach scene complete with a sun that makes you like to kiss the sun in your vacation.

Unlike other Manhattan Beach hotels, The Belamar provides a wide selection of rooms, ranging from traditional to deluxe. Facilities complete until coffee maker, which makes you not need to call room service for coffee in afternoon. Besides that, The Belamar also provide special room for meetings and other events, restaurant, fitness centre, DVD movie library and other deluxe services.

So, make sure that you stay in The Belamar hotel if you're visiting Manhattan. And quickly, there are special package for you.

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