Saturday, May 15, 2010

Perform the Prodigy Of Greyson Michael Chance

Greyson Michael Chance is a 12 years old, he become famous after his perform during Edmond's Sixth grade festival a few weeks ago. He is bona fide prodigy, and his talents are being celebrated on a national scale now that his "Paparazzi" (Originally song by Lady Gaga) video in youtube which he bangs out the piano ballad while his classmates look on in shock and awe, mouths agape--has gone viral.

This amazing video has been watched form more than 12 million times. He also has his own song compositions titled "Stars" and "Broken Hearts" which were published on his YouTube channel.

Many people said that he just looks like Justin Bieber clone and maybe someday he can become famous as Justin Bieber. He was invited to one of television show, "Ellen" and after the appearance, he will get many fans.


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