Thursday, April 29, 2010

What We Can Earn From Movie News?

I like watching movies, especially movies with fantasy and thriller genres. Some of them are romance or humor. The movie was amusing to me, as well as music and games.

Some time ago, I read some of movie news about the success of a movie, Avatars. For some time, this movie already makes revenue over than $ 41.3 million. A huge revenue amount, whenever we look at the current world financial conditions. If we sell a product, for example food, only God that knows how long we will get that much income.

This makes me think that movie industry is a prove business. Not infrequently the movie that was made, especially by Hollywood get the profit more than the cost of production. But to earn that big profit is not easy. Making a good movie and liked by lot of people, that's the key. But some people are able to create a story, which at some point after the launch of the movie will be hailed with the words 'amazing'.

James Cameron is one of them. As a director and copywriter, he is able to present the planet Pandora's amazing, just amazing with a value of $ 41.3 million.

But not everybody can do that. But although we can’t make $ 41.3 million movie, but many people can get advantage from the movie industry or celebrity entertainment industry, although they don’t a movie maker.
What kind of business that was done by these people?

Hahaha it’s simple. Many products, even the movie also requires appropriate of promotional media. And these media can make we earn much money, more even same with the movie’s profit. But once again, only creative people that can do it, for example people on the internet that can offer their services.

Many websites that takes the theme of movie news, and they have a big advantage, though not as much as making movies. But movie makers need their services and they also provide benefits for the movie enthusiasm, like me. And the production house pay more for that movie news.

So what we can earn from Movie News?

Hahaha... maybe it's excessive if we wish $ 41.3 million from movie news, but it's not impossible.

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