Thursday, April 15, 2010

Safety Product Should be Included on Our Shopping List

Shopping is like an entertainment, an enjoying activity that we can do anytime. Many people buy cloth for their need, or food if they are hungry, but seldom of them buy something for their safety. Clothing and food are the primary products for people’s life, but sometime we do not care about our day in outside, for example if we traveling at the night. There are so many dangers, such as criminality that can befall to women.

Let we see the news, some months later there were many kidnapping case. In my neighborhood, three until four little girl were kidnapped on two months, they were taken in their school, asked to traveling with stranger and then left in some places, after criminality like rape.

These cases show that the little girls are too weakness. Let imagine if the little girl take pepper spray on their bag, when the criminal want to kidnap her, she can use that stuff to safe her self. But many parents think that their daughters are safety, but they do not know the fact.

Many parents just bought bag, shoes, clothes and also food for their daughter, but they forget to buy some personal safety products for their daughter and also for themselves. Criminality is not always faced by little girl, but also by an adult women.

Now let we repair our shopping schedules. Women safety product must be on the list, it is not always on form of gun or knife, but also on simple form like ladies glove, work’s wear and the important goods, safety girl first aid kits.

And for extreme safety product, gun is good. But you need license to buy it. For the legally, stun guns has advantages because the form is similar with the origin. The criminal doesn’t know if the gun just a stun and this stuff will more advantage on emergency.

So we have a conclusion, Safety product should be included on our shopping list

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