Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brilliant Legacy

Brilliant Legacy. This is the last Korean movie that I have watched. An actually, this movie has been aired in one of my country’s television channel. I really love this series, and watch all of the 28 episodes on less than 4 days.

Brilliant Legacy or also known by the title of Shining Inheritance, this Korean’s series movie would be the most coveted audience after hearing the success last year. When Boy Before Flower, one of famous Korean series was still booming, Brilliant Legacy makes people spellbound with spectacular rating, up 41.3 percent! While that's terrible BBF only scored a maximum of 36 percent.

This series tell about Eun-seong Ko (Han Hyo-Joo) lost her mother at the age of 11. Her father remarried when she was 16 to Seong-hee Baek (Kim Mi-Suk), whom Eun-seong felt did not love her. She quickly grew disillusioned with her new family. Tragedy strikes Eun-seong again when her father suddenly dies. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when she inherits a vast fortune, but not from her father.

I like one of the original sound track of this series. The title is crazy in love, sang by Ji Sun. let listening the video.

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ternyata sahabat sama-sama ya suka korea clara dan MC