Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charlotte Church's New Album, Back To Scratch

Charlotte Church is a singer and songwriter from Welsh, She also an actress and television presenter. She was famous when she was a child became classical singer from 1998 before branching into pop music in 2005. By 2007, she had sold more than 11,000,000 albums worldwide.

Her new album is Back To Scratch, will be released on 1 november, 2010 on UK. It’s a new departure for a singer who rose to fame as a child prodigy of classical crossover, before (at 19) diving into the pop charts with the brazen Tissues and Issues. At 24, Church has co-written her own songs, crafting what is essentially a confessional singer-songwriter album in which everything is up for grabs, her lyrics exploring her relationship with her parents, her career as a child star and her break-up with Henson, with whom she has two children, Ruby (three) and Dexter (two).

For the new album, there are 14 singles, here are the lists:
Full tracklist;
1. Back To Scratch
2. We Were Young
3. Ruby
5. Logical World
6. Suitcase
7. The Actors
8. The Story Of Us
9. Don't Think About It
10. Cup Of The Sun
11. Snow
12. Lovedrunk
13. Honestly
14. River

Her first single is Back to Scratch, here is the video.


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