Monday, September 20, 2010

From The Emmy Award, USA

Emmy award 2010 has finished, and welcome to the Emmy award 2011. This is USA television annual award, and rate of any categories that was presented by each television industry in united state. Like the other award, this award can stimulate the growth of rivalry in the television and broadcasting, and of course the people who most gained from this award are the television viewer. They get the quality show, useful and of course entertain!
Emmy award presented many categories of television industry, like sport, news and documentary show and of course the most attracted program, entertainment programming. There are several area-specific ceremonies on Emmy award, which was presented by three different organizations but still on one label of Emmy award. The categories of Emmy award are: Primetime Emmys which honoring the rivalry in American primetime television programming, Daytime Emmy present honoring the excellence of American daytime television programming, Sports Emmy honoring in sport programming, Technology and Engineering Emmys which present to the person who work in specific stage of television and last Regional Emmys.

The famous are Primetime Emmy and Daytime Emmy. On 2010, the Primetime Emmy has entered the 62nd times, and was held from june1, 2009 until the result announcement on August 29, 2010. The ceremony was like Oscar, which has many outstanding actor and actress in many genre, but specific to television program.

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