Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrity also Collect Gold!

Gold is a precious metal that interest many people to buy it because its value is stable, and even tend to rise. Not surprising that the celebrity also like to buy gold.

Some time ago, we knew that the Dian Sastro, one Indonesian celebrity has received dowry, and one of the dowries in form of 185 grams of gold. This shows that celebrity also love to collect gold, but most of them likely to collect jewelry.

Whereas gold is not only in form of jewelry. There are many form of gold. The famous one is a gold coin which is in form of ancient gold coins and valuable not only for the material but also the history. There is also bullion, which we usually see at the bank. People who usually buy bullion for investment and the form usually like bar of blonde chocolate. This gold bullion is finally made as jewelry that is collected by celebrity.

But for infestation, all of the forms of the gold are good, because the value of the gold is depend of the carat. The pure gold is 24 carat and whatever it’s form, this is still 24 carat of gold.

If you are wanted to buy gold like the celebrity, you have to beware because there are so many deceivers in the market. For your consideration, you can choose buy gold online in the internet. Or if you are Marilyn’s fans, you can buy her famous fan ring, and of course in the internet.
Happy shopping like celebrity.

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