Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let’s Staring Your Favorite Movie

Watching movies is one activity that preferred by many people. For example, watching Sam Worthington explore the beautiful view of Pandora planet is a great scene. But did you ever imagine whenever you watch one of Avatar’s scene and your self who is walking with Neytri, not Sam Worthington?

Probably, for most people, staring some famous movie is a dream. Playing in a Hollywood film without ever joined casting, but if you know Yoostar, then you know it's not a dream anymore.

What is Yoostar?

Yostar is sophisticated software that makes you able to make a video that you can take from a movie scene and replace the actors on that movie with your self. It's like changing the artist's face in one image with your own face, but the difference with Yoostar you can do in the video. You can act like the actors, and with Yoostar you can practice acting before join some casting in hollywod. And who knows James Cameron will be amazed when see you in his movie.

If you buy this application you will receive a set of tools that can help you. A sophisticated web cam, green screen and a tripod, remote control and also the opportunity to upload videos that you created to Yoostar website. In addition you can also embed your videos to social networks like facebook or twiter.

You can make your friends amazed, and your dreams to be a star for your favorite movie will become a reality. Let’s try it


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