Friday, November 13, 2009

Waking Up -One Republic Second Album

This band is famous with song titled Apologize from their first album Dreaming Out Loud. I found this song was sung in duet with some artist and the greatest duet that I remember was duet with David Archuelata at American idol some years ago.

One Republic

On September 2009, they launched the first single to the mainstream radio titled All The Right Moves that was taken from their new album, Waking Up. This album is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2009. But You cand find their album now in internet.

One Republic Album's Cover

There are 11 songs on their album, and you can see each of titles:

1. Made for You
2. All the Right Moves
3. Secrets
4. Everybody Loves Me
5. Missing Persons 1 & 2
6. Good Life
7. All This Time4:03
8. Fear
9. Waking Up
10.Marchin On

if you want to download, you can find their new album in :

All lyrics from this album was written by Ryan Tedder, all music composed by OneRepublic. And I have found the video of their first single, lets watching..


t.e.3.k.4 said...

comment first then listen to the music :D

**:´¯`·­»N@n£imØ«­·´¯`·** said...

wah.... nih komplit bnget.. dari video mple yg ga video lias posternya... heheh....

Clara said...

mereka siapa ya?
aku boleh request review-an nda?
minta super junior hehehehe

Laksamana Embun said...

Aku salah satu penggemarnya Neng,, neng juga ya?

Oia ini salh satu blognya mocha-chi ya?

Munir Ardi said...

I like Music from Simple plan but frankly speaking this band I don't know

Linda Belle said...

suaranya tinggi jg ya chi vokalisna...

gomel said...

suka banget yang apologize..
ada yang baru toh sekarang..
oke deeh.. kayanya bagus untuk dicoba.

attayaya said...

wah belom tau neh
bukan republic sanur khan?

genial said...

weww... brush nya bole tu di save, keren!!!

-Gek- said...

Benerin kalimat..
Let's watch it.

Let's + verb 1

(teaching mode : ON)


Anonymous said...


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