Friday, November 20, 2009

Alice In The Wonderland the Movie

Everyone must know the story of Alice In Wonderland, a children's novel by Lewis Carroll. For fantasy enthusiasts like me, would have been able to imagine how the scenes when Alice was traveling to the wonderland, and if you want to see the actual scene, Alice in Wonderland is already present in the movie version.

Plot in this movie is an extension of the story of Alice in the novel by Lewis Carol. Alice now aged 19 years and forgot that, some years before she ever entered the rabbit hole. He returned following the rabbit and falls on the same hole. The rabbit says that Alice was the only person who can kill the Jabberwock, the beast who guards the Red Queen's empire. She is in an adventure and with other friends from wonderland, they save Red Queen's empire and the Wonderland.

Many star that playing on this movie. There's Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska and Anne Hathaway. This film will be released March 5, 2010. Hmm... let's see trailer,


Munir Ardi said...

it must be need good setting and also costum

-Gek- said...

neng, nonton bareng yuks,
Kamu yang ngantre, aku yg traktir..

(nanti-nanti, kalo aku udah di Bali..)

Oi, duduz.. kenapa itu si Bintang Utara tak boleh komen.. hihhh..

t.e.3.k.4 said...

ooo ini toh dudz, yg kmrn dudz tanyain ma tika :D

t.e.3.k.4 said...

itukan pilemnya masih lama dudz, maret 2010..

jhoni said...

wah pilemnya johnny deep pasti okeh punya.......(bukan karena namanya hampir sama)

tapi actinknya emank ciamik!!!!!