Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Searching Popular Music In Internet

I like music, I love collect any kind of album music, but sometimes I confuse to download. I have listen radio rarely, so never know about new release song. So, sometimes I just download an old song that I have known before.

The case like, we want to buy clothes but do not know what kind clothes which would like we buy. So I just stuck in some download music' site, sometimes looking for random song for download and get a bad result.

Now I learn from one of my friend. He likes music very much and I often get an advice about a good song from him. He told me where he gets an info about a popular song which be loved by people and USA.

His tips are, searching the popular music, album or artist in music online shop. The music online shop usually gives sample of music, so you can listen a ref part of the song and you will find the song that you like.

You can't download free there, but you just need the info about the title and artist. Then move to the free download site and download the music there. But sometimes, the new release song not available on the free site download, and you must waiting for until somebody upload it.

My pavorite music online shop is amazon.com. maybe you want to try this tips


t.e.3.k.4 said...

try this..

or don't try this at home :P

zujoe said...

tika dududz...

annosmile said...

i don't have money to buy in amazon..