Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ranch Rush Game

This is a game that I am playing today. Like other game which adopt Farming version, this game is about built your farm and then harvest. But different with Farm Frenzy, one stage game is divided into seven challenges on seven days or one week. The challenge is about harvest some item in many amounts. The kinds of item and amount are increase on every challenge, and for some great moving you will get an award.
You must complete the one challenge to reach the next day, and at the end of week, you will get bonus as market day that the price of any item more expensive than other days.

This is really a good time management game, because you must also arrange your own farm, relocated and placed each of plant so you can easy to harvest and store it in barn, then you can maximize your time to take care other plants and animal. Other different of this game is, every stage is continued. The farm's condition on Monday will be same with the condition at the end of Saturday. So if you have a large time on end of one stage, make sure you replant the dying seed or watering your farm.

To install this game into your computer, you need:
Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2000
800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
DirectX 8.0

And one more thing, you can take a photo directly from your farm. There is a cool fitur to support it. These all picture above was taken from my frined playing.

Happy Gaming


t.e.3.k.4 said...

looks like game orchad, you should try that, dudz

Linda Belle said...

orchard game, you should try it too

(huhuh....2 cewek bdg yg sok pake bhs inggris)

Free Your Mind said...

sounds like farm frenzy

annosmile said...

maaf OOT
btw vote blog saya di untuk kategori blog wisata
terima kasih

Love4Live said...

waaahhhh... gak bisa di linux yaaa?

itempoeti said...

kayaknya asyik juga nich...