Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does Turtle Makes Their Run Faster?

Do you know why does the turtle  moving very slowly?

Some day I saw on television. Turtle's head was pulled when a people moving near. Not just a human, but everything that make it's feel uncomfort, turtle would be hiding in bottom of it's shell.

One thing, turtle's shell give a protection like a human's home. The same feel when you in stay home. So, how wonder if we can feel in home when we have a vacation. A rarely chance. But turtle has it chance everytime. So it make turtle feel safety to go to everywhere. 

So, how does make turtle run faster?

Lets compare with human. People will be worry if they  far away from home. Same with turtle, just make it away form it's shell and turtle will be afraid. Does trutle will run faster? Of course NOT! Turtle would be die if it's shell was separated. They are a home holic.

So, make the turtle run faster is same with make people throw their self to a long fear. An imposible thing



perdita11 said...

we are not the same as the turtle. home is where the heart feel the comfort... :) if the house we're living in is called home (and as ur analogy, we'd feel fear if we get too far from home), then we'll always be in our comfort zone... which is.. somewhat would never bring us anywhere but here..
no offense.. just wondering

namaku wendy said...

jangan..jangan..jangan.., biarkan kura-kura seperti itu adanya ntar bisa ilang dongeng tentang kancil dan kura-kura hehehe