Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ratna, A Person's Name or....?

So many people have this word in their name. Ratna Wulandari, Ratna Ayu, Ratna Galih etc. Not just people's name, but also a street name. In Denpasar, Ratna's Street is located in near of GOR (Gelanggang Olah raga), but now, not that thing that I want to tell.

In Bali, Ratna is one kind of flower. I have asked some peolpe about that, A jakarta's one, but, they don't know about this flower. When i asked them, they just said that, Ratna is the name of people. It's so funny.

Nyah, I don't know if ratna is the legally name of this flower, but based on Wikipedia, this flower is called Gomphrena globosa. The general colour is purple, and when I search in google, some sites said that the Indonesian name of this flower is Bunga/kembang kancing. But, once again, some many people said that they never know about this name. When I gave the picture, one of my friend said, "Ough, this flower! I have seen this before, but I dont't know if the name is Ratna!"

I know this flower for a long time, and like it's purple colour. In Bali, this flower is used as one of material ritual offerings. I often find this flower in offerings seller. And like other material, it's price will increase when the Hinduism hollyday. 

I remember when i was young, I plant this flower in sanggah. Just ripped the cultivars, and spread in soil. On a short time, a new Ratna plant will appear in soil. 

To see the detail of this flower, just clik on   Wikipedia  and here is the image



wah, gak bisa dibaca. tulisan apa kode morse?

nietha said...

I know this kind of flower, we call it 'bunga pusar' because of the shape like pusar/navel.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Ratna is the name of this flower. And i'm not sure, have i seen this flower before? Then Bali gave this name to this flower. Nice to see you again.